Terms of payment

Terms of payment

The payment methods provided for booking on Torres Travel are as follows:


PayPal is a company of the eBay group leader in online payments, which allows you to shop safely on our site.

Already 1 million accounts in Italy, and more than 100 million in the world, send and receive money immediately and securely.
With PayPal, your personal information will never be known to A.V.B SRL.
With PayPal, you can freely and securely on our site both with a credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard) and with a prepaid card (such as Postepay, Vodafone Cash Card, Kalibra and others).

Credit Card

In the case of purchase with a credit card, Stripe, a PayPal start-up that deals with credit cards, will authorize only the sum of the amount relating to the purchase.

In the event of cancellation of the order, there will be a reversal of the credited amount. Torres Travel, not knowing the customer’s personal data at the time of the credit card transaction, reserves the right to request additional information from the customer by sending documents that demonstrate ownership of the card used.

Stripe, as the banking institution that guarantees the transaction, will receive the information relating to the purchase, for this reason Torres Travel cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent use of credit cards by third parties.

The cards accepted for this type of transaction are those belonging to the Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard circuits.

After a successful transaction, the customer will receive an e-mail confirming the charge. In no case will Torres Travel receive the customer’s credit card numbers.